3 Different Ways To Reduce Your Child’s Fear Of The Dentist

Going to the dentist office is an irrational fear that many of us have. Many children hear the loud sounds and the sharp tools and the fear stick with them into adulthood. Because of this, many adults fear to get routine check-ups and avoid the dentist as much as possible which leads to advanced dental problems.

1. Introduce Your Children To Their Dentist At A Young Age.

Dentists recommend that children have their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth appears primarily to get them familiar with going to the dentist, their dentist, and the entire process involved with getting a checkup. The initial visit is largely an information visit. During this visit, the dentist is likely to explain different behaviors that you want to lookout for such as the use of pacifiers and sucking on fingers and thumbs which can contribute to the worsening of dental symptoms. Along with this, they will be checking for common problems that might be occurring at their age and they will check to see if their teeth are coming in on time.

By getting your child comfortable with not only the entire process, but the dentist that they will be regularly seeing, you will be able to create a good reference point that your children will be able to use to really limit any sort of fear of the dentist. Once they have a positive experience at the dentist, they will be less fearful to go on future visits by the time they actually have to get cleanings and more advanced work completed.

2. Take Them To A Dentist That Specializes In Kids.

Another good thing that you can do is take them to a dentist that specializes in working with children. By taking your children to a dentist that is experienced in working with children, they are likely to be much more patient and they will likely have the required experience needed to handle your kids as well as possible. A pediatric dentist is required to undergo even more years of training that is completely devoted to children’s dental care. Therefore, they are not only going to be more knowledgeable about children’s dental issues but also about the psychology that goes into it and their respective oral development. Therefore, a pediatric dentist is going to be able to communicate much better with your children and work on children’s teeth.

Some of the techniques that you will find these specialized dentists using are telling the children what they are going to do, demonstrating it, and then doing it. Along with this, they might implement distraction techniques to help distract the kids from their initial fears. They will also engage in positive reinforcement to make the children feel much more at ease during the visit.

3. Play Dentist At Home.

Another great tip that you can use to help make your children’s dental visits much less painful for both you and your children would be to play dentist at home. This is one of the most creative and best ways to help make the entire experience much more comfortable for them because you will be able to get them familiar with the entire experience from start to finish. You can engage in checking teeth for cavities and act out all of the different processes involved with a typical dental visit. This can help to make them much more comfortable when it is actually time to visit the dentist.

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