Breast Cancer – Should You Worry?

Just what are the Symptoms? Breast cancer, in its onset, usually has no signs and symptoms. As the tumour grows, a few of the following signs might be observed:

- Lump in the bust or underarm that does not transform in size with your mensus. Swellings because of breast cancer are typically pain-free. - Modifications in the colour or skin of the bust, areola or nipple area (e.g.



What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

3. Teeth Whitening - This is probably the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure as teeth are easily stained from smoking, poor oral hygiene, as well as the food and drinks we enjoy. The teeth are bleached to enhance your smile.

4. Dental Veneers - The procedure is done to repair and correct tooth cracks and chips by bonding porcelain or composite laminates adhesively on the tooth surface.