The Difference Reviews Can Make To A Dental Practice Success Level

Reputation has always been important to any business. But with online visibility and social media so prevalent online reputation is becoming continually more important. The strength of reputation is important for any dentists, but those offering higher cost private dentistry treatments will find it more influential for the attraction of new patients.

For general and family dentistry, patients do look at the reputation of a practice, but may choose to register with the practice in their local area for convenience and to avoid unnecessary travel. However for private dentistry treatments, patients are prepared to travel regionally and even nationally or internationally. This means that reputation and visibility are vital to meet new patient targets and business objectives.

The range of treatments offered varies, but includes orthodontic treatment which includes invisible orthodontics such as Invisalign Fort Wayne clear braces treatment and Incognito braces. Other treatments include veneers, dental implants, All on 4 and teeth whitening.

Some practices choose to offer large discount deals via platforms such as Groupon in order to attract patients, however the top dentists avoid discounting altogether and simply focus on reputation and building up a patient waiting list.

A strong reputation and high level of visibility will always be more profitable for a practice than discounting which can lead to the attraction of price conscious patients. A practice can build their reputation through asking patients to write and share reviews. Reviews can be left on the practice website, but for the greatest benefits reviews need to be built on other platforms.

Review platforms include Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, Yell, Yelp and more. Customers trust other platforms are they are seen as more balanced, and practices can leverage the services through linking and sharing of reviews.

Once positive reviews are being received, practices can market their reputation online to attract new patients. The concept is the same as word of mouth, but instead of being on a one to one basis, it works on a one to many basis. Practices can share their reviews online, in print and on their social media channels. The most proactive of practices also ensure that reviews are made into videos and images in order to maximise results.

If a practice receives a negative review, as long as processes are in place to capture new reviews on an ongoing basis, fresh reviews will remove the effect of any negative reviews. Review sites will also calculate an average star rating so it is important to have a steady stream of reviews to achieve and maintain a 5 star rating. This will be a true asset which will allow dentists to attract high quality private patients for a wide range of treatments.

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