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Back pain and what you can do about it. If you are like most Americans you will experience lower back pain at some point in your life. If you are standing and breathing you will have an 80% chance of having lower back pain. There are many ways to treat your low back pain. I want to share with you the best way to treat a bad back. Go see a chiropractor. This is advice you will never get from your medical doctor. What has happened is that the chiropractic well has been poisoned by out dated beliefs. when I was a teenager I had expressed interest in becoming a chiropractor. My family doctor just about had a heart attack when I asked for his advice. He told me to become a garbage man instead. He went on saying” Chiropractors hurt people and they don’t know what they are doing”. Can you imagine what I now thought? He added “The medical profession will put them out of business”. That was a pretty damning statement coming from a respected medical doctor. I had choice but to listen to him.

I remember leaving the doctor’s office that day. I was upset that I had chosen the wrong career to pursue. I put the thought out of my head figuring the doctor knew best. He was taught by other medical doctors who felt this to be true. My question was did he ever study anything about chiropractic? I do not think so. He was going on what he was told by his teachers. You would think that a respected doctor would research his opinion. The prejudice the medical profession has towards the chiropractic profession is bizarre. If our goals are to help people why do they look down and pass poor judgement on us? If what chiropractor do was not working we all would be out of business. I have no problem telling my patients that if it does not work in a reasonable amount of time then it is not the right treatment for them. I think that is good sense.

Lets’ take a look at why medical doctors are vehemently opposed to chiropractic. The medical profession has the good fortune of enjoying general acceptance of the people in this country. When I was a teenager looking for career advice I was told to become a garbage man instead of a chiropractor. I listened because of the trust placed in our family doctor. I am certain he really believed what he told me. I am equally certain that he never spoke to a chiropractor to ask what they do. So because of his lofty status in society he gets automatic authority. To a certain extent he is entitled to authority, but he is not entitled to abuse it.

Without ever reading or seeking out information he made a judgement call. That same type of judgement call is made every day. There are millions of people who are in pain. These people could possibly be helped with good chiropractic care. They are instead subjected to endless pills and tests that offer no relief. Guess what the medical doctors make up the rules that patient shave to live by. How many back surgeries could be avoided if the medical profession would open their eyes to the fact that chiropractic is an effective way to treat back pain.

Patients are subjected with treatment that does not work as well. What is worse is that they are not informed of the benefits of chiropractic care for their condition. This is prejudice plain and simple. This is professional biased prejudice plain and simple. The sad thing is it allowed to carry on denying people the right to better health care. You may be surprised to learn that the chiropractic profession sued the American Medical Association on anti trust grounds and won. In a federal court the ruling body for the medical profession was found to be in clear violation of the law for discriminating against chiropractors.

There have been some improvements in the medical profession’s attitude towards chiropractic in general. Pull an M.D. aside and ask him his thoughts off the record. I am fairly certain that they will tell you something less then admirable in most cases. These are the their feelings and not based on any scientific research. This is biased and unfair. The medical profession needs to understand other physicians’ role in the health care model. It would also help if they took the time to learn for their patients’ needs. They need to be informed and up until now they have been misinformed about how effective chiropractic care really is. Isn’t it time to put patients’ first and put aside old prejudice. I welcome your comments and will respond to each one of them.

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