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The Best Headache Treatment

According to modern research at, 50+% of all humans have had a headache over the past 12 months. Yes, this is a staggering figure and it indicates the importance of a well-rounded treatment plan.

Headaches rarely go away on their own and require proper treatment for consistent results.

Here’s a detailed look into headaches, the different types, and how to treat them correctly.

What is a Headache?

According to, headaches are a universal term used to describe pain-related symptoms originating from the neck/head. There are several types of headaches and each one has unique qualities with regards to the pain’s location, longevity, and intensity. By understanding these types, a person can personalize their treatment plan on how to get rid of headaches moving forward.

Types of Headaches

1) Migraines

Migraines are a rare type of headache but tend to pack a punch when it comes to severity. These headaches are generally women-centric but are also seen in male patients from time to time. Over 6% of the world’s male population deals with some form of migraine.

Migraine triggers can include:

* Emotional Stress
* Fatigue
* Dietary Changes
* Lack of Sleep
* And More

Migraines are often one-sided in terms of the pain’s location and are associated with the ups and downs of your brain’s blood flow.

2) Tension Headaches

These headaches are associated with their main symptoms, which is a dull ache that continues to spread throughout the head. It feels like someone squeezing the head from all sides and can lead down to the neck/shoulder area.

Potential triggers can include:

* Emotional Stress
* Lack of Sleep
* Potential Structural Issues (i.e. Joint Pain)

These headaches can last up to an hour or two depending on the individual.

3) Cluster Headaches

This type of headache is unique and gets its name based on frequency. This means a person with cluster headaches gets them spread throughout a small period (i.e. a few days or months). They tend to come one after the other with a variety of symptoms including watery eyes, droopiness, runny noses, and redness.

These attacks can start within minutes and persist for at least 30 minutes.

The Best Headache Treatment

The ideal treatment encompasses a multitude of solutions. It’s important to consider each one in detail, personalize the treatment plan, and make sure to follow it regularly.

These solutions include:

* OTC Pain Relievers
* Lifestyle Changes (i.e. avoid potential triggers)
* Natural Herbs (Plant-Based Supplements)
* Acupuncture

Please note, each headache treatment is unique in what it has to offer. The goal should be to create a well-rounded, personalized treatment plan to ensure the symptoms are gone as quickly as possible.

These treatment options offer a way for patients to feel better both in the short and long-term.

Start with OTC pain relievers and begin making consistent lifestyle changes (i.e. removing caffeine from your diet, sleeping more). Over time, the headaches will begin to slow down and become milder. It’s essential to incorporate each solution to ensure the pain goes away. Otherwise, the condition will continue to linger for long stretches and can become difficult to handle. By considering natural herbs and/or acupuncture, patients can pursue a comprehensive treatment path that’s in line with their symptoms.

Feel free to take a look at as an online resource for more on top of the line headache treatments. This is an all-encompassing solution for those struggling with severe headaches and unwanted symptoms.

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